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  October 2017  
  APAC organizations
to increase
investments in
energy efficiency
in coming year
  Energy efficiency is fast becoming a business priority in Asia Pacific, with organizations paying more attention to it compared to a year ago and aiming to increase investments in it in the coming year. These were among the key findings of the 2017 Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) survey which polled more than 1,500 facility and management executives globally including countries like China, India and Singapore.  
  Why is energy efficiency a priority?  
  Cost reduction is the number one reason driving organizations to energy efficiency. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring energy security and abiding by government policies also play a large part in compelling them.  
  What are organizations spending on?  
  The most popular energy efficiency measures organizations have spent on in the last year are heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and building automation systems (BAS), in a bid to move toward smarter buildings.  
  In the coming year, organizations are putting their money to work on more ambitious energy efficiency goals – they aim to continue the momentum in shaping smarter buildings by integrating their building systems. They also plan to spend on onsite renewable energy and energy storage, steered by corporate objectives to achieve off-the-grid, resilient buildings that are self-sufficient and able to function during disasters and outages as well as near zero, net zero or even energy positive facilities.  
  What are your organization’s energy goals and priorities? Are they similar to the findings of our EEI? How can you best plan your energy investments to reach your targets most effectively? Johnson Controls is here to help – give your contact a call now.  
  Product Highlight
  Metasys® 9.0: Your key to smarter and greener buildings

With building automation systems (BAS) being one of the most popular
energy efficiency measures organizations invested in last year, it is critical
that Johnson Controls works to present the best version of our own BAS to
building operators everywhere.

Lauded as the world’s smartest BAS, our Metasys® is a proven platform with
an installed base of more than 100,000 systems globally. The newly
launched latest version, Metasys® 9.0, is the product of talking with, listening
to and observing building operators, designed precisely to address their
most urgent needs.

Metasys® 9.0 allows operators to customize the user interface to specifically
match their unique operational styles and needs. With its intuitive design,
operators will be able to run the system independently with minimal learning

Other key features include:
•   Faster network performance and easier integrations with two new
    BACnet® IP field equipment controllers which also enable future-proof
    BAS network wiring with Ethernet cabling.

•   Intuitive graphical interface which offers ease of navigation across various
    devices and real-time monitoring for fast status checks and immediate

•   Extensive search and reporting features which allow operators to quickly
    generate critical data with modern, photo-realistic graphics that provide
    better visualization and faster troubleshooting.

The result is a BAS which delivers increased productivity, operational
savings, reduced installation costs and of course, smarter and greener

Interested to find out more about Metasys® 9.0? Take a self-guided tour
here (you will need to fill in some information first but we promise you the
effort will be worth it).
Integrate for even smarter buildings

In line with the findings of our EEI,
building-wide systems integration is the way
forward for smarter buildings. This means
converging your building, specialty, business
and information systems, allowing these
previously disconnected siloes to connect,
share and optimize data using one common
communication language. The result is a
holistic and unified systems environment –
offering a singular overview, streamlined
workflows, and most importantly, an
all-inclusive wealth of data to draw upon for
business and operational insights.
  Migrant workers are the key
to Asia’s green cities

We have all ascertained that technology is
indispensable in building Asia’s green cities
but the same time, it is a mammoth
undertaking that can only be attained with
millions of migrant construction workers over
the next few decades. Unfortunately the
construction labor force is a part of the green
cities equation that has received relatively
little focus and investment so far – it is
thereby critical to examine it more closely
and determine how countries, governments,
industries and communities can come
together to develop a sustainable, skilful
and valued workforce.
Pharmaceutical companies go green
with Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls helped Pfizer build its first
LEED-NC Platinum certified pharmaceutical
factory in the world, providing lifecycle green
building certification consulting services with
building controls systems and other products.
Based in China, the factory recorded 45
percent savings in water, 35 percent savings
in energy and 28 percent overall cost savings.
We also collaborated with Qilu Antibiotics
Pharmaceutical to expand its aseptic
workshop in China, achieving annual energy
savings of up to 25 percent.
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