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Building Tomorrow Today

Sep 2018

Are green building practices successful? Are today’s green buildings effective?

Green building
With so many standards, best practices and compliance norms implemented over the last two decades, have green building practices been successful? Are today’s green buildings effective?

While green building initiatives over the years have been successful in many areas – creating awareness, promoting adoption, and influencing the energy efficient materials market and design practices – they rarely address building operations. Often green buildings are not completely equipped to provide a dynamic response to daily building concerns such as occupant needs, operating policies and space management changes.

So what exactly is missing from today’s green buildings that prevents them from being 100 percent effective? And how can you add in the missing ingredient? Find out here.

Product Spotlight

Broadest buliding solutions

Serving you the broadest building solutions portfolio

Through our merger with Tyco in 2016, Johnson Controls now provides the broadest building solutions portfolio, ranging from sensors, equipment and systems through to cloud-based data collection and fault detection. We offer the industry’s most advanced and robust technologies, delivering products, services and solutions that increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs for more than one million customers worldwide. We are present in over 90 percent of the world’s most iconic buildings. Let’s embark on a journey together to understand how Johnson Controls makes this dynamically changing world safer, more comfortable and sustainable.


Building and energy solutions

See how our building and energy solutions work in real life!

Do you know you can experience a smart building in action at our Johnson Controls Headquarters Asia Pacific in Shanghai, China? It is a living exhibit of our full suite of offerings from building automation to security systems to chillers to energy storage. Our Customer Visit Program has hosted close to 8,000 customers since it launched a year ago. Don’t miss out on this experiential showcase on how smart buildings can improve operational efficiency and reduce cost – reach out to your local Johnson Controls rep to book a visit. Meanwhile, enjoy a virtual tour here.
APAC LinkedIn

Stay in touch on LinkedIn

Follow our Johnson Controls Asia Pacific LinkedIn Page now for industry insights and exciting updates!
BW Businessworld

Integrated security strategy key for India’s smart cities

As we put in place various security systems to ensure the safety of our cities, we also encounter the complexity of dealing with many disparate systems. The key to this, as shared by our expert Rajeev Samanta, at the BW Businessworld Smart & Safe Cities Conclave in New Delhi, is an integrated security approach able to pull information from separate security and IT systems into an intelligent central platform that acts upon detected intrusions by raising alarms to the appropriate departments.
Smart Livable & Resilient City

Untangling traffic issues in smart cities

90 percent of cities in India rate traffic as one of the top three problems to be solved. Traffic challenges include rapid growth, driver and pedestrian discipline as well as inappropriate siting of bus stops. How can we address this? Our expert Prasun Talukdar shares his insights at the Smart, Livable & Resilient City Conclave in Pune.
Data Center Summit & Awards

Addressing the most pressing data center challenges today

Facility downtime. High energy consumption. Fragmented IT ecosystem. These are but a few of the most pressing challenges encountered in data centers today, as shared by our expert Prasun Talukdar, at the recent Data Center Summit 2018. Our comprehensive suite of building management, HVAC, fire, security, and service solutions can help customers solve these problems. Our experience outfitting some of the most demanding data centers globally will also come in handy. Give our Johnson Controls rep a buzz to find out more!
Jal-Vayu-Agni seminar

Fire safety takes center stage for hospitals and other buildings in India

Recently we took to Visakhapatnam and Bengaluru to discuss fire safety at a hospital-focused event and the Jal-Vayu-Agni seminar respectively. At each session, we showcased our fire detection and suppression solutions. We also shared insights on fire safety measures like standards implementation and evacuation methods. In particular, proactive management, predictive maintenance and ensuring that fire safety is part of an overall building management approach are of key importance. Have you thought about these for your smart hospital or building yet?
Simplex TrueAlert ES

Enhance fire protection with intelligent, fully addressable notification appliances

Our Simplex TrueAlert ES (eServices) notification is one of the most significant developments in recent years in the life-safety industry. It is an eServices-enabled solution that promises to revolutionize notification, saving lives, time and money with ground-breaking benefits for engineers, installing contractors, building owners and facility managers. The TrueAlert ES line includes individually controllable speakers for targeted communication and multi-tone appliances that enable low-frequency notifications for specialized environments. Read more here.
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