Johnson Controls Introduces uLearn

New streaming platform for hosting instructional videos

Johnson Controls is happy to announce uLearn, an interactive web platform where employees, distributors and partners can view instructional videos, is up and running. The uLearn site, which promises to be a one-stop shop for how-to and other instructional videos, officially went live earlier this year. Each video is typically between three and five minutes in length and is intended to be used in conjunction with training and other educational tools provided by Johnson Controls.

“In a world where efficiency and effectiveness is key, we are excited to help bridge this gap with the launch of uLearn, an advanced video learning platform” said Caroline Dumont, vice president, Product and Channel Learning for Johnson Controls. Adds Dumont, “We look forward to this being an engaging and exciting opportunity for you to obtain the just-in-time quick learning you need.”  

uLearn features a robust search engine, user metrics and translatable closed captioning among other things. It was created specifically for mobile applications, so use on a tablet or a smart phone is available.

Have a question about the platform? Contact Leah Strecher or David Kadera from the Johnson Controls Product and Channel Learning team at:

Scan this QR code with your mobile device and then add the uLearn site to your home screen.