New Products Spotlight

AD-1272: Advanced Thermal Dispersion Air Flow Measuring System
and System 450™ Family of Modular, Digital Controls


Johnson Controls recently released the AD-1272, an Advanced Thermal Dispersion Air Flow Measuring System. With several new innovations, this product will revolutionize the way air flow is measured.

Having the capability to install up to 128 sensors in a single array provides the AD-1272 the ability to correctly measure air flow in locations that are less than acceptable for competitive products. Twenty point factory calibration provides out-of-the-box accuracy when installed in a location with straight air flow. Three point auto field calibration allows for accurate readings in less than ideal locations and the adding of more sensors will increase accuracy when required to install in locations with very turbulent airflow.

Encapsulated, surface mounted sensors provide accurate airflow with the ability to resist moisture and are much less susceptible to damage while cleaning, than a sensor that is encapsulated in a glass bead and suspended by a thin wire.

With a maximum power draw of 8.0 VA, the AD-1272 has the lowest power requirements in the industry which not only saves energy throughout the life of the product, it lowers installation cost by allowing the use of a smaller transformer.

Using standard RS485 communication cabling keeps initial cost lower and allows for more flexible and cleaner installations. Cables can be cut to length as they are being installed, eliminating the need to coil up excess cable. Utilizing this communication protocol allows the AD-1272’s primary display to be located up to 500 feet from the probes, allowing access to the system from a convenient location. The addition of an optional wired or wireless remote display also provides access to the system data and configuration parameters from another convenient location. Surface membrane buttons on both displays allow you to review system data and configure the unit without having to remove the cover. Standard BACnet® MS/TP and Analog Outputs provide interface options to most modern Building Automation Systems.

System 450: Family of modular, digital electronic controls

Accurate control of spaces, processes and equipment is critical for the success of any organization in today’s business environment. Comfortable office spaces lead to increased productivity while also helping to improve employee morale. And maximizing the operating and energy efficiency of a piece of equipment can lead to lower operational costs as well as help to reduce ongoing maintenance costs. The System 450 is a versatile modular control system that can support these needs in a wide variety of applications including:
  • Central chiller plants including staging & supply temperature reset
  • Condenser fans including staging & pressure control
  • Boilers and furnaces including staging & supply temperature reset
  • Rooftop & Air Handling Units
  • Refrigeration rack control
  • Building HVAC control
  • Temperature & humidity control such as wine cellars and greenhouses & clean rooms
  • Swimming pool atrium temperature & humidity control
  • Solar water heating
The System 450 consists of three main components:  The primary control module, expansion modules and an optional power module.
The control module comes in many varieties: Single or dual relay or analog output models, a reset control, a Hybrid PWM for EC motor control and communication models.

The control module also has three sensor inputs which can be a mix of pressure, temperature or humidity.  The expansion modules are offered in single and dual relay outputs or with single or dual analog outputs. The expansion modules plug into the side of the control module. Each additional expansion module connects in the same fashion. Up to ten outputs can be in any single system.

The System 450 control modules can be operated with a 24vac power source. If a 115/230VAC source is desired, use the power module. It also plugs into the right side of either an expansion module or the control module.

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