Date: June 21, 2017 | Time: 1:00PM CST | Duration: 1 Hour

Optimizing Energy Use with VSD Chillers

Chillers can account for 35 percent of HVAC energy use in many commercial buildings, but today’s Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) can cut a chiller’s annual energy cost by 30 percent or more. Learn more about how VSDs can optimize energy use at full and part load, as well as under off-design conditions in this one-hour free webcast.

June 21, 2017 1:00 PM CST


Variable speed drives can provide ROI in under three years due to energy savings under variable real-world operating conditions. Join experts from Johnson Controls as they discuss how VSDs have evolved to be a proven investment for increasing chiller efficiency. In this webcast, we’ll cover: 

  • How VSDs adjust to off-design conditions, including optimizing energy use at full and part load with reduced tower water temperatures
  • The impact of lift on energy usage and chiller operations
  • Case study: The real-world energy savings with VSD technology
  • Applying VSDs to air-cooled chillers for energy savings

Who you will meet


Fred Berry

Fred Berry, Chiller Solutions Product Manager, started with Johnson Controls in 1986 and has been the Product Manager for Large Tonnage Chiller and Electronic Products. In these roles, Fred was responsible for the development of the OptiView chiller control panel and the unit mounted Variable Speed Drive for centrifugal chillers, as well as product development and applications requirements for the York screw and centrifugal chiller products. Fred is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and the US Navy Nuclear Power Program, and served aboard fast attach submarines.

Spencer Fuller

Spencer Fuller, Regional Sales Manager for Chiller Solutions, graduated from The Virginia Military Institute with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2012 and has been with Johnson Controls for 5 years. Half of his tenure has been a part of the chiller global product management team where he managed the YMC² magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller. He then moved on to the Chiller Solutions Portfolio Team for North America, where he helps ensure that the Johnson Controls chiller portfolio meet current and future customers requirements.

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