September 20th, 2018


1:00PM CST

In this webinar, our product experts explain why terminal units paired with a six-way valve and a 270 degree proportional actuator is the right choice for an energy efficient building. The easiest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to drop your central heating plant’s supply water temperature. By using the 6-way valve with a two pipe terminal unit, you can heat your entire building at 130 degrees F instead of 180 degrees F supply water temperature.

Chilled beams, fan coils and DOAS VAV Boxes systems easily fit into a variety of architectural styles, however, they are not a standalone comfort solution. With an integrated system approach you can take full advantage of the technology and energy-savings. The comprehensive line of chilled beams systems and fan coil units matched with the six-way, 270 degrees control valves and actuators offer superior comfort with low energy consumption. These integrated systems provide full cooling, heating, ventilation and humidity control with quiet operation and minimal maintenance.

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Engaging topics include:

  • Extreme efficiency and comfort using the patented 270 degrees 6-way valves and actuators to install on your terminal units
  • Unmatched application flexibility and simplified installation with advanced technology and design of a 270 degrees 6-way valves and actuators
  • Advantages of chilled beams and fan coils: maintain a comfortable indoor climate and engineered for low energy consumption


Senior Product Manager, Johnson Controls


Air Distribution Sales Manager, Johnson Controls